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Co-Owner, Ben Worby ---

Growing up, I always had a love and passion for all animals, especially horses. I was always over at my grandparents whenever I could, helping out on their exotic petting zoo. My love for horses started when I was young. My mom always had horses, but from what I can remember I started riding around 8 years old. I started working with my own horses, bettering them and myself under saddle over 11 years ago. I believe you can never stop learning and improving yourself with clinics and lessons from other trainers and apply what you learned and liked from them. I started to work with public horses when I was living down in Texas in 2013. From riding fresh horses to starting on barrels or cosignment horses, I learned so much during the time that I was down there.


Co-Owners Ben Worby and Brandon Seward with their daughters

I didn’t start out barrel racing. We always had horses growing up to ride, learn, and mess around on. It wasn’t until 2010 when my mom got me a lesson at the stable I now own. After that lesson I was hooked!  One of the best things for me was that I already had a good riding foundation. But when it came to horses, I've always had green broke horses. I had to learn how to put them on the barrels with the help and guidance of good trainers! It has helped me realize what feels right when applying and teaching things to horses, and when things feel off with the horse. I've always wanted an indoor arena and a stall barn. Growing up we just had the fields to ride in and pastures with run-in sheds. That has made me really appreciate what I have worked so hard for now. Living in Wisconsin in spring and winter is no joke when it comes to trying to ride and the weather conditions here. So when I found out the training barn was for sale where barrel racing first started for me, I had to have it! The arenas here have always felt like another home to me.

Welcome to Twisted Ridge!



The Twisted Ridge crew hopes to pass on a love for taking care of horses or riding them to aspiring and seasoned enthusiasts. "We have given riding lessons to riders as young as 3 years old or as mature as 71 years old."

Twisted Ridge is also a partially veteran-owned business, since Co-Owner Brandon Seward served in the military. He said he hopes to be able to offer camp opportunities for veterans, who can use horses for therapy.

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